What is Rental Car Status?

Rental car status is obtained from rental car reward programs such as Hertz, Avis, Enterprise, and others. Rental car status can give you many benefits such as free complimentary upgrades, priority queue, and many other useful benefits. Obtaining Rental Car status can come from credit cards. But the preferred way for me is to status match preexisting status from other rental car companies, to obtain the same level of status in another brand. Below is a chart showing the conversions between brands.

– Credit Upgradedpoints.com

This covers most general status matches and conversions, but what about the individual benefits of each status.


Enterprise, rewards program is called Enterprise Plus; status members receive:

  • Choose your own rewards and receive free car rental days, airline miles, or hotel points
  • Guaranteed upgrade in U.S. and Canada when renting mid-size or larger
  • Upgrades based on availability for European rentals
  • Earn points when renting through its partner, National Car Rental

Below is the status match for direct Enterprise status matches:

– Credit Upgradedpoints.com


Avis calls their reward program Avis Preferred. Just being a base Avis Preferred member offers you some rental benefits, but if you have a car rental program elite status elsewhere, you’ll want to pursue a status match for even more benefits. The benefits of Avis Preferred are shown below.

– Credit Upgradedpoints.com


Last but certainly not least, Hertz. Hertz is the biggest Car Rental Company in America. It also has one of the best reward programs called the Gold Plus rewards program. The status matches stay consistent with the other brands as shown below.

– Credit Upgradedpoints.com

The benefits of Hertz are similar to the other companies but are listed below to show the specifics of each status level.

– Credit Upgradedpoints.com